Tinelle "Tin" Louis

Tinelle Louis

Tinelle "Tin" Louis - Owner of Pretty Pages

Since I was a toddler, I have always been known to be a fast learner and self starter. My Grandmother still brags to everyone that I potty trained myself.

At 11 years old, I was already typing 45 wpm.

When I turned 12 I was introduced to coding and immediately fell in love. In that same year, my Mother realized that I had a thing for advertising and so for Christmas I was given a word-processor. I started to fill our home with self-made ads of make-believe products & companies.

It was natural for me to become a Web Designer and everything involved with the process.

When I started Pretty Pages I realized that there was no real solid information or help for the small business owner who is just starting out. My mission was to not only explain the benefits of building an online presence, but to show that it can be done with a reasonable budget.

I learned how to design and create websites in 1996 and I have been running my business, since 2008. I use my expertise to teach other web designers how I became successful and to show how they can do the same.

I am more than just a Web Designer & Developer, I am a Problem Solver.