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In the interest of honesty and transparency I want to give you information about the links on this website. Some, not all, of these links are affiliate links which means if you sign up for, or buy something, after clicking on my link I will get a commission or bonus in some way.  The price of the product being purchased does not change whether you use my link or not.

If I give a suggestion of a product on my website, it is because I have used it. Point blank. I truly love what I do and helping people in the process.

If you do not need what I recommend, or it won’t help you to reach your goals you are not obliged to buy – and you shouldn’t. Similarly if you do not wish to support me, or this site, then you are welcome to navigate to the product page by yourself. If you have clicked on one of my links before this, then you will need to clear your cookies to avoid giving me an affiliate commission.

If you have any questions about my affiliate links please call me.


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