Did someone else build your website and now you need help maintaining it?

Don't have the time to update your own website?

You're at the right place because I love updating websites! I am simply here to take care of your website, whenever you need the help. Let someone else worry about the technical details while you worry about building your business.

There are two options for maintenance requests:

  • Submit a one-time request and receive a quote: one time requests are good if you don't need maintenance all the time or not as frequent.
  • Or, sign up on a monthly contract for one year: a monthly contract is good if you need updates constantly. It is also perfect if your website is a WordPress based website because WordPress requires updates to the core & plugins periodically.

Monthly contracts are shown below.

choose your plan

Hours per month

Guaranteed turnaround time 24-48 hours

(Holidays not included)

Uploading and formatting site content

Backing up site files

WordPress version/plugins/themes regularly updated

Review and delete spam comments

File conversions  (ex. Word Document to PDF)

Image manipulation